Máy Chăm Sóc Da 2 Trong 1 M-868

Máy Chăm Sóc Da 2 Trong 1 M-868

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS G.W.:7.5kgs N.W.:6.1kgs Packing Size:59x36x23cm

Giá bán: Liên hệ

  • Chi tiết sản phẩm

    Facial brush(a set)

    Facial Brush
    1.Clean face.
    2.Brush skin.
    3.Clean skin.
    4.Rub nail.

    1. The Principle and Function:
    use different brush to cleaning the face

    2. function:
    1. Gently Face & Body Microdermabrasion Cleaning: Remove dead cell on the skin surface
    2. Improve skin care product absorption
    3. Improve blood circulation
    4. Smooth skin texture, skin refresh
    5. Suitable for daily use
    6. Easier to apply the makeup (foundation....) on the skin to achieve nature and smooth skin texture

    3. Accessory:
    hand machine---1pcs